Monday, June 1, 2009

In the Wungle of Antadarita

In the deep frozen Wungle of Antadarita, there lived a great band of Wungle Setufs. The Setufs lived in great harmony all throughout the Wungle. They met in their Wungle Councils every month and if there was any dispute the great wizened Setufs settled it quickly and fairly.

But one day a powerful Setuf name Jorge announced that he was tired of feeding on the WungleGrass. He would find fat little Setufs and eat them. This he would do out of the goodness of his heart, for that would leave more WungleGrass for the other Setufs in the Wungle.

The smaller Setufs fled to the Wungle Council the very next month. They were sure the great wizened Setufs would not permit such a thing. "It is unlawful", they cried, "for a Setuf to eat another Setuf!" But the great wizened Setufs could not decide for Jorge spoke long and eloquently about the possible shortage of WungleGrass and the hunger that might come upon the other Setufs of all Antadarita.

Over the next month Jorge caught some of the small fat Setufs and gobbled them up. First he did it in secret, but by the end of the month he was catching them right under the eyes of the great wizened Setufs.

Again the small Setufs made their plea before the Wungle Council. Again the cried that it was unlawful for a Setuf to eat another Setuf. They argued long and loudly and then Jorge rose up on his great fins and smiled a condescending smile. He showed pictures of overgrazed fields of WungleGrass and wailed at the plight of those Setufs who were hungry and moaned about the hardship of his change of diet. "But if I do not make this sacrifice for the good of the Setuf band, who will?" he asked the Council.

And again the Council could not decide and Jorge caught another smaller Setuf as they left the Council and ate him right there.

Month after month Jorge ate the Setufs he could catch and month after month they resorted to the Council and month after month the great wizened Setufs could not decide whether Jorge was acting lawfully.

And in the 31st month, the Setufs resorted once again to the Council. "It is not lawful," they cried, "for a Wungle Setuf of Antadarita to eat another!" And the Council again could not decide. And as all the Setufs left the Council to roam the Wungle, a lean hungry hard-eyed Setuf leaped upon Jorge from behind and bit him right behind the gills and settled down to eat him right there.

At this, all the great wizened Setufs shouted, "It is not lawful for a Wungle Setuf of Antadarita to eat another!" And in unanimous judgment they devoured the hungry Setuf on the spot.