Wednesday, February 28, 2007

God's Message to the Unborn

Let this be written for a future generation, that a people not yet created may praise the Lord: "The Lord looked down from His sanctuary on high, from heaven He viewed the earth, to hear the groans of the prisoners and release those condemned to death." Psalm 102:18-20.
It struck me as I was reading this verse that the oracle the psalmist is about to write is for the unborn and those not yet conceived. Both of these though, are “a people” in the psalmist’s eyes.

It also makes clear for all future generations to see that the Lord is a God of justice and mercy. He heard the groans of the prisoners in America some 150 years ago and He freed them. From His sanctuary on high He hears the groans of the brick kiln slaves in India, the child sex slaves in brothels in Cambodia, the Africans in Sudan enslaved by Muslims, and many others around the world. But He is using groups like International Justice Mission to free them.

Right now He sees from heaven the most innocent among us being condemned to death every day in the abortion mills. But even as you read this, He is also using crisis pregnancy centers, hotlines, clinic protesters, National Right to Life, and many others to release the condemned.

Our God is a God of compassion. Let us be His instruments of justice and mercy.

Felicia Wilson

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Go Down, John the Baptist

The images of slaves and the yearning of the spirituals have not left me from Ken Burns' documentary, The Civil War. We didn't watch the whole thing but those images and sounds linger yet. So mournful as they pleaded to God for freedom.

The thought struck me at the time that God could not have heard those prayers and pleas year after year, left those people in the horrors of slavery, and remained a just God. His justice, His mercy, and His love demanded an answer. That answer was a civil war in which "every drop of blood drawn with the lash ...(was) paid by another drawn by the sword."

It is the end of February, Black History month. Today when we hear those beautiful spirituals, we realize that many of them arose from broken hearts of ruptured families, broken bodies of those beaten by the lash, and courageous spirits who refused to remain slaves. They passed the messages of freedom on through spirituals. "Go Down, Moses" heralded Harriet Tubman's courageous rescues. "Follow the Drinking Gourd" guided many to freedom after they learned the song.

Yet today we look at another attack on African-Americans. However, this attack destroys the future of African-Americans by killing off future generations. It is the tragedy of abortion on the black community, expedited by Planned Parenthood and its abortion clinics conveniently placed in black communities.

Peggy Harshorn of Heartbeat International "points out that black women represent 12 percent of the female population in the country but have one-third of all abortions. For every five African American women that get pregnant three will have abortions." (Ertelt, Steven, "African-Americans Lament Lack of Blacks in Pro-Life Movement,", Feb. 1, 2006)

In 2004 in New York City, over 29,000 black babies were born. In that same year,
nearly 40,000 black babies died at the hands of abortionists. I'm not a great researcher or a statistician, but I can't help wondering how that compares to the number of African-American slaves killed in any one year in the inhuman crossings from Africa or due to the whips and the lynchings.

A Moses can't go and pull those babies to life and freedom from their mother's wombs. What we need now is a John the Baptist to turn the hearts of the fathers and mothers back to their children.

A line from the film Amistad has always stood out to me. John Quincy Adams asks the young lawyer defending the Amistad Africans. "What is their story? He who tells the best story wins."

We need poets and writers who can tell the story of the unborn of every race to stir our imaginations to their plight as Harriet Beecher Stowe did for slaves with Uncle Tom's Cabin. And we need musicians to reach us with their voices and give the struggle of the unborn a voice that breaks our hearts with the yearning for life.

Debbie W. Wilson

Debbie W. Wilson is a human rights advocate, speaker, and author of Christy Award-winning thriller Tiger in the Shadows. Her weekly prayer list for the persecuted church can be found on the home page of Bound Together Ministries.

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Taxed for Death

I filed my income tax return last week. Of course I'm looking forward to getting a small portion of the taxes I paid back, but that doesn't make me like them. While I dislike paying taxes as much as the next guy, I do recognize the need for taxation and the benefits received. We must fund our courts, prisons, and military if we want freedom and security.

It's the funding for various social programs that upsets most people. Emily Bazelon wrote a bias-filled pro-abortion article in the New York Times Magazine lately, questioning the existence of Post-Abortion Syndrome. She wrote: "[T]he Bush administration, in its first four years, spent more than $30 million on the 50-some crisis pregnancy centers [that receive federal funds], according to a report by Representative Henry A. Waxman, a Democrat from California."

That sounds like a lot of money, even if it was spread over four years ($7.5 million per year on average)--at least until you find out that Planned Parenthood received $265.2 million in taxpayer funds in 2004 alone. (Bazelon's article didn't mention that detail.) Planned Parenthood is, of course, Big Abortion, reportedly killing 244,628 babies by surgical abortion in 2003. That number does not include other forms of abortion or referrals to non-affiliated clinics.

While federal funding for neither the social programs of crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) nor Planned Parenthood is strictly constitutional, I would much rather fund CPCs that provide vital services to their communities than Planned Parenthood.

Of course the current debate on embryonic stem cell research is also about taxpayer funding, not over its legality.

The pro-life side wants to defund Planned Parenthood, and the pro-abortion side wants to defund CPCs. Fine. Let's defund all the social programs funded by the government and allow individuals to keep and give more of their income. The people of God have taken care of the needy long before the government starting helping (and mismanaging). And if liberals want to fund Planned Parenthood, pornography masquerading as art, and needle exchange programs, let them do it with their money, not yours and mine.

I don't hear politicians talking this way. They win points by promising to give more money to the programs voters like. Whichever political party returns to the conservative principles of limiting the role of government will at least gain support from the libertarian middle.

Instead of splitting our tax dollars 97-3 between support of death and support of life lets stop playing tug of war over the checkbook and empower the American people to support the causes of their consciences. But don't expect this Congress to do it.

Wesley Wilson

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

McCain, Giuliani Run, Can't Hide from Abortion Record

Senator John McCain recently made headlines by announcing that he believes Roe vs. Wade should be overturned. That's only a story because we didn't know which side of his mouth the Republican presidential candidate was going to speak from. But he was speaking in South Carolina, and he is on the campaign trail, so we can expect him to sound conservative.

McCain's voting record has been mixed on the abortion issue. He usually votes against abortion, but last year he voted to require taxpayer funding of embryonic stem cell research. And of course he led the "gang of 14" (including Republican Senators DeWine, Snow, Collins, Chafee, Warner, and South Carolina's own "Flimsy" Lindsey Graham) in a compromise with the Democrats to throw a few conservative judicial nominees under the bus in exchange for a chance to vote on other nominees.

Then there was the blatantly unconstitutional McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform bill that curtailed some forms of political speech close to an election.

The anti-Roe statement contradicted a statement to the San Francisco Chronicle in 1999. "I would not support repeal of Roe v. Wade, which would then force X number of women in America to [undergo] illegal and dangerous operations."

Meanwhile, Rudolph Giuliani equivocates about his long-standing support for abortion.

Both of these men hope we pay more attention to their rhetoric than their records.

Mitt Romney has at least been open about his past support of abortion and his recent conversion to a pro-life viewpoint. He currently takes a very clear position on abortion. But some pro-life people wonder if we can trust him.

Daniel mentioned pro-life candidates Brownback, Tancredo, and Cox in his presidential musings last week. Representative Duncan Hunter and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee are also solid pro-life candidates.

I think we have some good choices. Let's try to unite around the best and never let the rhetoric of McCain and Giuliani obscure their inexcusable records.

Wesley Wilson

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Monday, February 19, 2007

Ethical Extremes for the Anti-Life Crowd

Life News reports that the Virginia Senate Education and Health Committee voted against a bill that would make it a crime to for a woman to purposely kill her unborn child by a means other than legal abortion. The bill had passed overwhelmingly in the Virginia House.
The bill was a response to a case in Suffolk, where 23-year-old Tammy Skinner shot herself in the stomach to kill her own baby. Prosecutors twice tried to hold Skinner accountable for the death of the baby and twice judges prohibited them from sentencing her. "If the lady had delivered and left the baby in a dumpster, she would have been charged," said Delegate Chris Jones, R-Suffolk, who sponsored the bill.
Separately, the Swiss Supreme Court ruled that people with mental illnesses can receive assistance in committing suicide. This includes people who are bipolar or suffering depression.

The enemies of life are taking some extreme positions. Care for people with mental illnesses has always included protecting them from destructive behavior. Now Switzerland not only removes that protection--it offers to help people destroy themselves.

I will run the risk of being labeled paranoid, but, as they say, it isn't paranoia if they really are out to get you. With so many easy ways for a person to kill himself, what is the point of making it legal in the first place? Do we really want to encourage suicide? Or could it be that we are devaluing the lives of the handicapped in preparation to forcing some to "commit suicide"? Will we start assuming that people should die because we wouldn't want to live that way or a relative wants them dead? Does the name Terry Schiavo sound familiar? I'm glad I don't live in Switzerland, and doubly glad that my grandparents don't.

In many states a murderer can be prosecuted for two murders when he kills a mother and her unborn child. But in Virginia it is practically legal to shoot yourself in the stomach to kill your baby. And this is the logical culmination of Roe vs. Wade which would supposedly end "dangerous, back-alley" abortions.

In both cases we have a radical recognition of an absolute right to kill either yourself or the child in your womb. It all comes back to the question: Are there any limits to what I can do to myself (and the child in my womb)? Which brings us to the great moral divide: Can God tell me what to do? Now is the time to make sure our friends, neighbors, and communities answer "Yes."

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Celebrate real love--not Hollywood's lust

Happy Valentine's Day! Today we celebrate human love, but how many people know what love is? As my wife and I were shopping at Wal-mart last night, it looked like a giant celebration of pink teddy bears and chocolate hearts. When I was getting our local paper a couple of years ago, the ads made you think Valentine's Day was a lingerie celebration.

But what would average Americans say they celebrate? I think most would define love as the feeling they have toward their spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend. That is what Hollywood teaches. Love is a feeling of affection or romantic desire.

That's why we have so many abortions and so much unmarried cohabitation. People think lust is love. If you are "in love," nothing should stand in the way of your desires. And when the feeling of desire is gone, the "love" is gone, so you might as well move on to someone who you desire ("love") more.

I wish I had a dollar for every person I have heard say they are going to "try out" a relationship by living together before they get married. Our divorce rates indicate many people are just "trying out" marriage, too.

Whatever happened to commitment? It got left behind with real love. I Corinthians 13 says love, as the King James puts it, "seeketh not her own." Love is not self-centered. It is a commitment to doing what is best for the other person. Before marriage, that means practicing abstinence and guarding both your heart and the heart of the one you love from sexual temptation.

The Bible doesn't say to feel affection or desire for your spouse. Those feelings come naturally and fluctuate over time. It says, "Husbands, love your wives." You can't force feelings, but you can do loving actions, and the feelings will usually follow. The Bible also tells wives to "reverence," or respect their husbands. Many women would be surprised how much more loving their husbands would be if they praised and encouraged their husbands, instead of criticizing them.

My wife and I celebrate our mid-year anniversary today, and I can say we are as deeply "in love" as we ever have been. Our feelings for each other are at their strongest, and that makes marriage a lot of fun. But that feeling comes from the fact that two-and-a-half years ago we committed to doing what is best for each other, and we try to fulfill that commitment each day.

So enjoy the pink teddy bears and chocolate hearts with the one you love, but let's be sure we love "in deed and in truth," not just "in word and in tongue."

Wesley Wilson

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Why the Left would rather kill babies than find cures

I've read a few good articles recently on stem cell research. The liberals portray pro-life people as heartless monsters who want to keep scientists from finding cures for diseases. But the liberals insist on funding embryonic stem cell research, which requires killing a human life, rather than research with stem cells from other sources.

Dr. Mark A. O'Rourke answers common questions on the embryonic stem cell debate in a guest column in The State (Columbia, SC).

Writing in the Weekly Standard, Michael Fumento points out that the track record and potential of non-embryonic stem cells from many sources including amniotic fluid is much better than the cells taken from murdered embryos. He documents the cover-up of the facts by the New York Times and other liberal media outlets. He closes with this rhetorical question: "Is it truly moral to take away funds from a technology that's been saving lives for half a century [non-embryonic stem cells] in favor of another technology that promises nothing but 'promise'?"

Good question. Why can't the Left be happy about the progress being made and give up their fetish with killing human lives? Finding cures and saving lives must not be their goal.

Robert P. George has an answer: "I fear that the long-term goal is indeed to create an industry in harvesting late embryonic and fetal body parts for use in regenerative medicine and organ transplantation." This is not mere speculation. He tells about people in the field who are talking about exactly that. More alarming, he writes: "New Jersey has passed a bill that specifically authorizes and encourages human cloning for, among other purposes, the harvesting of 'cadaveric fetal tissue.'"

While embryonic stem cell research is doubtless part of an attempt to condition Americans to accept growing babies for spare parts, I think most its support is much simpler. Embryonic stem cell research finally gives the Left a justification for abortion. It is their desperate attempt to seize a fistful of sod on the moral high ground.

The Left is losing the battle for public opinion on abortion, so they now hide behind disabled people. Abortion must continue or there is no hope of a cure. Now we can kill babies and feel good about ourselves. We are helping someone. It sounds better than the truth: Without abortion they couldn't afford the child support payments to continue sleeping around.

Wesley Wilson

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Presidential Musings

I'm going to start off my comments here making use of Wesley's disclaimer. These comments do not represent the official views of Let Her Live. They are my personal ideas.

As a committed pro-lifer I am looking for a Presidential candidate who will lead on that issue. Other issues are important to me as well, but this one is non-negotiable.

So, I'm passing over Hillary, Obama, and Guliani without a second thought. McCain has not shone on the issue either.

Few Senators excel Sam Brownback on his record for life. He's disappointed many of us on other issues like illegal immigration. I haven't passed over him completely, but am looking for better options.

Tom Tancredo has lead on illegal immigration. That tells me he's willing to be a leader. Many in Washington aren't. I has a 0% rating from NARAL, which pleases me greatly. I haven't seen leadership on this issue from him yet, but he's one to keep watching.

John Cox speaks convincingly about committment to life, but I know nothing about him besides what he's said. I met him at the Stand Up for Life March in Columbia last month.

We will win this fight within a generation regardless of who wins the Presidency in 2008. But if we can elect a pro-life leader, we will win all the sooner.

Keep fighting! Keep praying!

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Friday, February 9, 2007

Welcome to the Let Her Live Blog

Welcome to our blog! Various Let Her Live board members and special guests will be posting here from time to time. We get to share our views with you, and you can respond with comments at any time.

If you haven't done so, please check out the rest of our website. We are passionate about serving God by saving babies and ministering to the needs of those considering abortion or who have been victimized by abortion.

The opinions we express on this blog do not necessarily represent the official position of Let Her Live on any issue. As a tax exempt nonprofit corporation, Let Her Live does not endorse political candidates, and any positive or negative views toward any candidates reflect the personal opinions of the author.

With that disclaimer, we will share our personal views freely, and I hope you enjoy reading timely news and opinions.

Thanks for reading.

Wesley Wilson,
President, Let Her Live

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