Friday, January 23, 2009


When he was running for president, Barack Obama promised that one of the first bills he would sign into law would be FOCA. What do those innocuous sounding letters stand for? Proponents tell us that it means Freedom of Choice Act. Of course, choice does not refer to freedom in choosing education, health care, or unions. It means only the freedom to abort unborn children.

What FOCA really means is Fill Our Coffers Again. This is payback to Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers for all of their donations to the Democrat Party over the years. State laws protecting youngsters from being taken across state lines by non-guardians or requiring parental consent, laws authorizing women to have the medical facts about abortion risks or the baby’s development have decreased the profits for those who pay for their Porsches by performing abortions. FOCA will increase their incomes. At least, that is what they hope.

FOCA also means Fool Our Children to Abort. Even with state laws intact, Planned Parenthood in several states is being investigated, charged, or tried for concealing abortions on young people who have undergone statutory rape or incest by older men. Lifting the laws that protect these children will help business for the aborters., who will profit from the pain, fear, and rape of girls who have to get parental permission to have their ears pierced or borrow an aspirin from a friend at school. Parents who have no idea what has happened to their daughters will have to try to pick up the pieces of their daughters’ shattered lives.

FOCA could also mean Force Our Citizens to Abort. This could open up the use of your tax dollars and mine to pay for abortions for poor women. We’ve fought it for years. What it could also mean is pressure on women on Medicaid to abort whether they want to or not. One of the dirty little secrets is that most abortions are committed on minorities. How painfully ironic if Barack Obama becomes the King of the Abortion Promoters!

One thing that FOCA will surely do is Fragment Our Culture over Abortion. Though abortion has been a stressor in our society for over thirty years now, FOCA will remove the safeguards. Freedom of speech and the promise that peaceful political changes would save lives of the unborn have been a safety valve. Both sides could influence the culture. FOCA undermines thirty years of work and the opinions of the people worked out in their own states. When the chance for peaceful change is taken away by the elitists in Washington who know better than we little people what is good for us, what remains?

If FOCA passes, citizens in two years need to remember to Fire Our Congressional Abortucrats, those congressmen and senators who keep their positions by voting as the party or the big abortion proponents tell them. Until President Obama’s honeymoon is over, congressmen and senators will be pressured to rubberstamp what he wants. Moderates in the Democrat Party will feel extra strong pressure, but even conservatives will be pressured to vote for FOCA. If you oppose the elitists stepping in and undermining years of safeguards, contact your representative and senators now. If we ask them to hold the line against the liberal media’s assaults, we need to let them and the media know that we stand for life with them and that we hold them accountable.

Debbie W. Wilson

Debbie W. Wilson is a human rights advocate, speaker, and author of Christy Award-winning thriller Tiger in the Shadows. Her weekly prayer list for the persecuted church can be found on the home page of Bound Together Ministries.

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